Head Pastor

Pastor Dean

After several years pastoring in Minnesota. Dean Lentini came to Fairmont as the Head Pastor in October of 2016.

Pastor Dean has a burden for the Gospel to impact the city of Saskatoon through the ministry of Fairmont Baptist Church. Pastor Dean is passionate about theology and doctrine. He sees these as key to truly understanding the Gospel and its effects in the Christian’s daily life.

Pastor Dean’ personal goal for his life is to Love Jesus. Live holy. And Reach others.

Pastor Dean earned his B.A. in Bible from Piedmont International University and is in the process of finishing his Masters from Piedmont later this year. When he’s not fulfilling his pastoral duties, Pastor Dean can usually be found at home playing with his two boys - Andrew and Henry, reading with a cup of Starbucks in his hand, or watching Netflix with his wife, Heather. If you'd like to get into contact with Pastor Dean just send him an email or you could visit his personal blog for more Deanlentini.com.