Vision 2018

What is the vision for our church in 2018? The answer to this question lies in the reasoning behind it. Why does our church exist? Today pastor casts the vision for what our church needs to focus on in 2018, getting back to the basics. Why does Fairmont exist? 1. For the glory of God. 2. For the good of Saskatoon. Matthew 5:16

The Genealogy of God: Jesus The Son Of Abraham

We continue on in the Christmas series "The Genealogy of God" and this week we focus on "Jesus The Son Of Abraham". This shows how Jesus is the fulfillment of the promise God gave to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3. 


The Genealogy Of God: Jesus The Son Of Boaz

We kick off a new Christmas themed series titled "The Genealogy of God" from Luke 3. In this first installment we look at Boaz and Ruth, not only is it a great love story but it is a picture of how Christ is our Kinsman Redeemer. 

The Heart of the Reformation

On this reformation Sunday we discuss the importance of this day in particular what was accomplished 500 years ago by men like Martin Luther who taught justification was by faith and faith alone. We are unable to add anything to the salvation that was made possible by Jesus and accessed by us through faith. Text is Romans 5:1-2.

The Problem With US

Today we welcome Slavic Puzh to Fairmont as we presents his ministry as the President of Ukranian Baptist Theological Seminary. Slavic taught on the various aspects of the Gospel and how it transforms our daily living and efforts in evangelism. I Corinthians 15:4-6

The Committed Christian

Today is a special service. We are taking a break from our Parables series to focus on the importance and Biblical command of baptism and church membership. This is so important as we see our culture being absolutely devoid of all commitments. The Life of a Christian is commitment. 

The Ramifications of the Resurrection

As we celebrate Easter Sunday, we need to realize that not everyone was joyous on that Easter morning. Some of the disciples had given up hope on Jesus and had left the city. Yet, Jesus seeks these disciples out and reveals to them the ramifications of the Resurrection. Luke 24:13-35

I Am Barabbas

This Good Friday, we will examine how Christ was substituted for Barabbas. When we look at Barabbas it becomes clear that he was a sinner, guilty, deserving of death, and without hope much like us before Christ. Luke 23:13-25

The False Victory of Christ

Palm Sunday is often celebrated because of the words spoken by the crowd, but few understand the motivations behind their words. This was not a spiritual welcoming to the Savior as He arrived in Jerusalem, rather this was a political rally. The Israelites, specifically those who were from Bethany, were facing their expectations on Christ. Do we do the same today? John 12:12-18